The Documentary Archaeology of Late Medieval Europe

The DALME project is unequivocally committed to the ideals of openness and transparency as fundamental to scholarship and the scholarly community.

We rely as much as possible on existing standards with broad support in the scholarly community. We only develop our own solutions where it is appropriate (and then contribute them back to the community). This page serves as an entry point to the project’s documentation. The entries below explain aspects of the project’s methods and developing standards, and are made available under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The source code of the software we develop is available on the project’s GitHub repository under an open source, BSD-style license.

Our goal is to be equally open with our datasets, by making them available under the Open Data Commons Attribution License v1.0, through our online database (currently in beta), and as Linked Open Data. In addition, static versions can be downloaded, in a range of open formats (e.g. N-triples, Notation-3, Comma Separated Values), from the project’s dataverse.


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