DALME relies on a software infrastructure that integrates a number of off-the-shelf and custom-built applications and services. Whenever possible, we prefer open source solutions.

Our Digital Asset Management system, used to store images and other digital documents, is a customized instance of ResourceSpace. The DALME Knowledge Base, which is the central repository for storing, organizing, and sharing information about the project's methods, tools, and processes, is backed by Wiki.js. We use a shared Zotero library to manage the project’s bibliographic resources and integrate it with other tools via the Zotero API.

The DALME Online Environment.

The backbone of the project is the DALME online environment, a custom-built web application, of which this website is a component. The application is built using Django, Django REST Framework (for the API), and Wagtail (as the CMS behind the public website). MySQL is the current database backend, deployed through Amazon RDS. Full-text search capabilities are implemented using Elasticsearch. The app is deployed with Elastic Beanstalk, with S3 providing media storage.