Pansier described this act as a list of goods purchased by a certain Alisette de Passis (see below). The act itself, however, indicates that this is an inventory of the estate of Alemant de Pas, including appraisals provided by a Jew named Lionet. The estate has an extensive set of linens with appraised values, and the compiler of the inventory lists bedrooms and the names of those who slept in them. The inventory includes an intriguing reference to a spit used to roast cheese.Inventaire du mobilier acheté par Alisette de Passis, belle-mère de Pierre Baroncelli : mobilier se trouvant dans la maison de l’Amorier alors louée et habitée par ledit Baroncelli. Origine : Archives de Vaucluse, notaires, fonds de Beaulieu, 754, f° 129. Cette pièce débute en provençal et se termine en français.

Edited by Pierre Pansier, with corrections by Kathleen Smail, and contributions by Daniel Lord Smail.
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