Ferrarius, Mosse, and Joseph, three Jewish brothers of Arles, appeared before the royal court in Arles to request an inventory of the goods of Jacob Salamon and Venguessona of Arles upon Venguessona’s death. Six years before the inventory, Jacob and Venguessona had promised that if Venguessona pre-deceased Jacob, the couple’s estate would be given to the brothers. Notably, the couple possessed two "clamides judaycos," which may have been tzitzit or tefillin. Otherwise, the inventory includes an array of linens, both new and old, some tin kitchenware, and just a few garments, all made of dark fabric. Nonetheless, Jacob and Venguessona were not poor. Appended to the end of the inventory of objects is an inventory of outstanding debts, first those likely secured by contract, and then those secured by pawn. In total, the couple was owed more than 300 florins. 

  • Record type: Inventory-Taking up inheritance
  • Date: 14 November, 1440
  • Locale: Arles, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
  • Language(s): Latin
  • Archival location: Archives départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône, Register 405 E 69
  • Extent: 6 Folios (paper, register - quarto)

Edited by Ryan Low.
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