This poem, printed in Strasbourg in 1510 (VD16 H 816), is based on an older poem by Konrad Dangrotzheim. The lyrical speaker tells a female person, presumably his wife, what household goods he gives her as a gift for the New Year. A variety of everyday and luxury goods is listed below, as well as food supplies, maids and servants, and advice on childcare. The print is accompanied by nine woodcuts illustrating the items listed. Bibliography: Hie in finstu zů einẽ nüwẽ Jar || Einen Hußrat den hon ich dir fürwar || Vß der nesten Meß für ein Kron gebracht || ... ||, [Straßburg: Johann Grüninger um 1510] (VD16 H 816). Rosenfeld, Hellmut. 2012. Dangkrotzheim, Konrad. Verfasser-Datenbank [online]. Berlin, New York: De Gruyter. Available from: [Accessed 2021-07-19]

Edited by Theodor Hampe and Marco Tomaszewski.
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