This inventory was compiled by Obertus, an apothecary or spice-merchant, on behalf of his wards Fabianus and Benedictina, the children of the late Dondinus. The first few pages of the inventory of this rich estate offer details on a number of legal instruments; these include an act in which a certain Wilielmus admitted to having stolen money, paternoster beads, and several other items from the house of Dondinus. The deceased is identified as an apothecary or spice-merchant, but evidently he also worked as a money-lender and investor. The inventory includes a lengthy list of the contents of the pharmacy, including an electuary against flatulence and another for restoring the moist humors. The difficulties associated with inventorying the contents of a pharmacy are revealed by this entry: "Next, an ampoule in which there is I know not what." This is one of several such entries. Edited by: Robert S. Lopez, Studi sull’economia genovese nel medio evo, in Documenti e studi per la storia del commercio e del diritto commerciale italiano 8 (Torino: S. Lattes, 1936), pp. 251-58. Archival citation provided by Lopez: AS Genova, Cartulario del Not. Niccolò De Porta, I, parte la, fols. 19r-22r.

Edited by Roberto Lopez, with contributions by Daniel Lord Smail.
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