Johannes Casse was a very prominent merchant in the second half of the fourteenth century and died childless in 1391, leaving his estate to his second wife, Raynauda, for her life, and naming the Hospital of Saint-Jacques de Galicia as the substitute heir upon her death. The inventory was partially transcribed and published in 1907 by Henri Villard (Jean Casse, armateur et marchand marseillais du XIV siècle: sa maison, son comptoire, sa bastide. Aix: Villard, 1907). The transcription provided here has been checked against the original parchment and corrected, and the elements left out by Villard, notably the debts, have been newly transcribed. The estate is interesting for the considerable number of devotional objects it contains, as well as the description it provides of Johannes's cartularies and instruments and the extensive volume of debts he owed. One of the entries refers to an instrument containing an inventory of an estate compiled on the behalf of Jacobus Bote in 1348. This refers to the inventory of Augerius Bote which may be viewed in the DALME collection, and it is not unlikely that the parchment inventory of the estate of Augerius Bote is the one that appears in the inventory of Joahnnes Casse. The parchment includes an unusual number of emendations and notes. As of January 2020, the charter image has been imperfectly photomerged; the DALME project will take appropriate steps soon to rectify the image at some point in the future.

  • Record type: Inventory-Postmortem
  • Date: 26 August, 1391
  • Locale: Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
  • Language(s): Latin
  • Named person(s): Johannes Casse
  • Archival location: Archives municipales de la ville de Marseille, Charter 3 II 40
  • Extent: 1 Folio (parchment, charter)

Edited by Henri Villard and Daniel Lord Smail.
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