This is the inventory of the apothecary's shop of donna Miquella. It is one of three known inventories of apothecary shops from later medieval Provence that were kept by women, suggesting the importance of women in this profession (see the records of Anneta and of Batrona Maurella in this collection). All three records, including this one, were written in Provençal, the eastern dialect of Occitan, suggesting that those responsible for compiling the inventory were not familiar with the Latin words for the medicaments. The record was originally edited by Pierre Pansier. Pansier's notes follow: Origine : Archives de Vaucluse, notaires, fonds Martin, étendues de J. de Gareto, f° 286-292 ; copie notariée.

Edited by Pierre Pansier, with corrections by Kathleen Smail, and contributions by Ryan Low.
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