This document records the post-mortem inventory of Guillem Coll, an apothecary from Girona, who died on the 23rd of December, 1453. His wife, Blancha, requested the compilation of the inventory in 1454, following the procedures established by a legal code known as the Constitució de les Corts de Perpinyà in 1351. The inventory includes a description of the landed property pertaining to the estate as well as the movable goods present in the house and workshop, which was located in the plassa dels Cols.

  • Record type: Pharmacopeia-Functional
  • Date: 20 February, 1454
  • Locale: Girona, Girona, Spain
  • Language(s): Old Catalan
  • Archival location: Arxiu Municipal de Girona, Col·lecció Ajuntament de Girona, Llibres de particulars, reg. 62.603
  • Extent: 56 Folios (paper, register - quarto)

Edited by Mathis Fourès, with contributions by Pablo Sanahuja.
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