This inventory was compiled by Paschal Vicecomes, guardian for Genuinus, Luchetus, and Paschalinus, the children and heirs of the late Ambrosius, a scribe. The estate is rich in real estate, goods, and clothing. Among other treasures, the list of goods includes two small chests or caskets made from elephant ivory (capsietam unam elephantis), several books, an unusually extensive set of furniture, and a set of finger rings. The list of articles belonging to Ambrosius that were placed out in pawn, including a number of silver spoons, suggests that the household had been in need of ready cash. Edited by: Robert S. Lopez, Studi sull’economia genovese nel medio evo, in Documenti e studi per la storia del commercio e del diritto commerciale italiano 8 (Torino: S. Lattes, 1936), pp. 242-45. Archival citation provided by Lopez: AS Genova, Cartulario del Not. Giovanni Enrico De Porta, I, fols. 220v-223v.

Edited by Roberto Lopez, with contributions by Daniel Lord Smail.
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