This is an act of guardianship for Jacmoneta, daughter of the late Jacmetus Nielli and Alaxieta, now the wife of Raymundus de Syon, merchant of Marseille. The guardianship concerned the estate that Jacmoneta inherited from her recently deceased great-grandmother, Rixendis Cambale, one of Marseille's great women-merchants. Immediately after the inventory was made, portions of Rixendis's estate--primarily worn or cheap kitchenwares and linens--were auctioned off piecemeal to the highest bidders. The auction is available in the DALME collection. The estate includes many items bearing the arms of Johannes Nielli, the girl's grandfather and Rixendis's late husband, as well as an extensive list of items in the apothecary's shop belonging to the family business. It is one of the rare inventories from Marseille to mention relics.

  • Record type: Inventory-Guardianship
  • Date: 1410
  • Locale: Marseille, Bouches-du-Rhône, France
  • Language(s): Latin
  • Named person(s): Rixendis Cambale
  • Archival location: Archives départementales des Bouches-du-Rhône, Register 355E 309
  • Extent: 34 Folios (paper, register - demi-quarto)

Edited by Daniel Lord Smail.
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