This "Spruchgedicht" (spoken poem) by the well-known poet and shoemaker Hans Sachs goes back to earlier works of the Nuremberg poet and barber surgeon Hans Folz (available in this collection. It is handed down in several editions from 1545 and 1553 (VD16 S 277, VD16 S 278, VD16 S 279, VD16 S 281). The version presented here was published in Nuremberg in 1553 (VD16 S 280). In the poem, three hundred objects are enumerated that should be part of every household. This enumeration is framed by a plot: a journeyman tells his master, a craftsman, that he wants to marry. The master warns him against the marriage and describes to him what he would need to set up a household. The main part of the poem lists the necessary items in inventory form. In addition to this, the master also tells his journeyman that he would need cats and dogs, as well as servants, who must be paid. The master then goes on to discuss the wife’s pregnancy and the birth of the children, and concludes by pointing out the costs of raising children and renting a house. Once again, he warns the journeyman of impending poverty, which would ultimately lead to the inability to pay for the servants, the rent and the living expenses of his family. Bibliography: Sachs, Hans: Der gantz Haußrat/|| bey dreyhundert st[ue]cken/ so vngefehrlich || inn ein jedes Hauß geh[oe]ret.|| Mehr ein n[ue]tzlicher raht/ den jungen || gesellen die so sich verheyraten w[oe]llen.|| Hans Sachs.|| Nürnberg: Georg Merkel 1553 (VD16 S 280).

  • Record type: Object List-Fictional
  • Date: 1553
  • Locale: Nürnberg, Bavaria, Germany
  • Language(s): German
  • Archival location: München, Bayerische SBM Res/4 P.o.germ. 176 h#Beibd.29
  • Extent: 10 Folios (paper, register - quarto)

Edited by Marco Tomaszewski.
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