We welcome collaborations with scholars interested in contributing content to our collection and/or expertise to the project. DALME may be viewed as a digital-publishing platform allowing scholars and teams to publish inventories and similar lists of objects.

Record Ownership

All records and collections generated by contributing scholars are considered to be the intellectual property of the contributor(s) responsible for creating them, provided of course that this does not infringe the rights of any third party.

Contributed records are incorporated into the DALME platform and will become part of the dataset used in our analytical processing. For this reason, once records have been added, they should not be subsequently withdrawn except in the most unusual of circumstances.

Credit and Acknowledgment

Contributors are appropriately credited when a record or collection is cited using the citation tools included on the website.

Unless requested otherwise, contributing scholars will be added to the site’s People section. In addition, DALME will provide, on request, a written attestation of an individual’s involvement with and contributions to the project.

Access Privileges and Record Processing

DALME contributors are granted access to view all non-private records in the database. They may also create and subsequently edit their own records.

Contributors should undertake to mark-up their transcriptions according to the standards established by the project, or to work with DALME to extend them, if they prove inadequate for the materials at hand. These standards, as well as the process of annotating texts using our tools, are extensively documented in the project’s Knowledge Base.


Before a record is approved for publication, a review will normally be conducted by a member of the DALME team to ensure that all the necessary elements, including archival metadata, record attributes, description, images, and transcription, are present and adhere to our standards.