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The DALME search tool allows users to search for words or phrases in transcriptions and in other fields. The Filter tool (available in Browse) also makes it possible to filter records by Collection, Record Type, and Date. At present, it is not possible to filter records according to the properties of the legal owner, such as Gender, Religious Affiliation, or Wealth Quartile. The DALME team expects to add these and other filters in coming months.

Use the ADVANCED button to toggle between the simple and advanced search interfaces. Enter search terms in the field(s). Use the SEARCH button to execute the search, and click "x" to remove the result list and perform a new search.

Use the simple search to look for any word or phrase in all fields. Note that transcriptions, at present, can only be searched in their original languages. Search strategies are described in the examples below.

  • Enter rubeum to search for all records containing the Latin word for "ruby red" in any field, including the transcription. Note that the string rube will not find rubeum or rubeus; the simple search finds whole words.
  • Entering Messina will produce records from Messina and records in which the name of the city appears in the Transcription field.
  • Enter sella to search for the Latin word for "chair." Note that this search will also return records where "sella" refers to a saddle (e.g. sella equitandi) or a commode (e.g. sella perforata). It will not result in records where the word is spelled cella.

Use the advanced search to search specific fields and to change the search sensitivity. It is possible to concatenate multiple queries, using Boolean operators, to create sophisticated search parameters. Click the Advanced button to open the search; click it a second time to return to the simple search. Examples are provided below.

  • A search for "Transcription contains the following word Messina" will produce a list of all records containing references to individuals or products from Messina. It will not show inventories from Messina.
  • A search for "Location contains the following word Messina" will produce a list of records from Messina.
  • A search "Transcription contains words similar to argentum" will produce a list of all records that contain "argentum" as well as "argento," "argenti," "argenteum," and other words similar to argentum. Note that this search will not identify records with transcriptions containing other spellings of the word for silver, such as "arjento" or "ariento," nor will it locate words for "silver" in non-Romance languages.
  • A search "Transcription contains words similar to cuprum," joined with the operator OR to "Transcription contains words similar to enea," will produce records that contain references to copper or copper-alloy items. Adding further Latin words for copper alloys will increase the results.
  • A search "Transcription contains words beginning with sella," joined with the operator NOT to "Transcription contains words similar to equitandi," will list records containing chairs but exclude saddles. Note that it will return some commodes unless "perforata" is also excluded.
  • By combining search terms in the Transcription field with search terms in Location, it is possible to limit results to a specific place or set of places. Example: a search for words beginning with "schiav" that is limited to Florence will identify enslaved individuals in Florence.
  • Select Language to find records in particular languages.